Progress Challenge – Image Editing

Having an Annual Leave day on Friday to study may not have been my favourite way to spend a holiday day, but it was definitly productive. I got a lot of studying done and finished more that just the one Progress Challenge I posted about the other day.

Another one I got through was the Image Editing one. Here we had to take three photographs and edit them to enhance the intended purpose of them and the design elements within them. We were also supposed to use this as an exercise in experimenting and exploring with Photoshop (not my most favourite of programs).
I’m not sure whether we were supposed to take brand new photos, or we could use any photos we had already, but I chose to go with photos I had already. They had to all be different themes and subjects and that was easier to do with photos I already had take.
Like I said before, I’m not a huge fan of Photoshop, but I’m pretty sure that’s because I haven’t really used it all that much and I don’t really know exactly what I’m doing with it just yet, but I guess that will come with more use.
Anyway, here are the photos I edited…
‘Creek’ before
‘Creek’ after

For the Creek photo I did some cropping, rotating, increased the contrast, brightness, vibrance and saturation, and added some more blue to the colour balance.

‘Petals’ before
‘Petals’ after
For the ‘Petals’ photograph I wanted a bit of an artsy feel so I used the Oil Paint Stylise Filter.
‘Vietnam’ before
‘Vietnam’ after
For the ‘Vietnam’ photo I wanted to make the detail more noticeable so after the cropping and rotating, I made it black and white and used the sharpen, dodge and burn tools. I would have liked to make the whites a bit ‘whiter’ but I couldn’t work out how just yet.
It was funny to see that I had to actually stop myself from just defaulting to the same editing tools each time – contrast, saturation, vibrance and sharpen – they seem to be my ‘go to’s. Will have to work on making sure I use all different ones while I’m still learning.

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