Progress Challenge – Image Compositing

Another Annual Leave/Study day today, and so far this morning it’s been another productive day. I’m still not super psyched I’ve had to resort to using my holiday days, but it’s getting stuff done so that’s making me happy.

This progress challenge was on image compositing which I hadn’t heard of before, but I’d seen some of the work… If you want to check out some great typical examples of creatives in this area, see:

Erik Johansson
Uli Staiger

Our brief however was simply to use at least five different images that we’ve personally photographed Β to create a totally new image with a specific theme or subject in mind.

I decided to do something a little different and create a pattern… because, well, I like patterns.

Here are the original pics I worked with:

All the original photographs – flowers and fairy floss – were taken on my iPhone 6 last year.
The flowers were edited using Photoshop. The Magnetic Lasso was used to outline the shape, then the edges were refined, a new transparent layer created and the image cropped.
A blank A4 canvas was created for the background were the fairy floss image was placed and stretched to size. The smudge tool was then used and opacity minimised.
Lastly the floral images were placed, resized and rotated on the background to create the final pattern.

And this was the outcome…

I think there’s probably quicker and easier ways of doing what I did, but I haven’t quite worked them out yet, and at the moment I’m still spending a huge chunk of time working out what file format and compressions etc I need to save images in for them not to be huge! Ah well, I’ll get there eventually, lol πŸ™‚

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