Online Inspiration and Thinking

I’m online a fair bit and I come across a heap of articles and videos and other bits and pieces that are either interesting, inspiring or just make me think a bit deeper. For as long as I can remember when I’ve come across these things I’ve just been sticking them in a bookmarks folder in my browser, but I thought it might be nice to share some of them on here… So here’s some bits and pieces I’ve found online that you might enjoy.

Oh, and just a quick note, they’re not all design related, because as you know, inspiration can come from anywhere πŸ™‚

Nubby Twiglet – Why I Chose Community College for My Design Education

Accidental Creative – 10 Questions That Will Help You Find Your Voice

Alexandra Franzen – Why Am I Not Doing That One Thing I Really Want To Do?

Design Sponge – The Consumption Conundrum: Connecting With Makers and Making Mindful Purchases

TED Talks – Elizabeth Gilbert: Your Elusive Creative Genius

Millo – Finding Your Voice in the Design Community

99u – How I Kept a 373-Day Productivity Streak Unbroken

Independent Fashion Bloggers – Right Now: Start Where You Are

Gala Darling – Feeling Burned Out? Ask Yourself This One Simple Question…

The Sydney Morning Herald – Making a Living Out of Your Creative Talents

James Victore – Serious Play [YouTube]

James Victore – Conflict, Compromise and Kill Fees [YouTube]


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