Weekly Catchup… 160317

Hey, welcome to my first weekly catchup 🙂 So how’s your week been? I was feeling pretty drained from the 9-5er this week, but looking back over the ‘highlights’ of the week has actually made me feel a little happier. Maybe there is something to this ‘focus on the good’ line I hear everywhere, haha 🙂
So what’ve I been up to…

* Friends baby shower and I was super happy there wasn’t any of those awkward or embarrassing games! I was also pretty happy that the activities we did do AND the cupcakes were all themed the same as the invitations – the design nerd in me was pretty psyched, haha!

* Bridesmaid dress shopping with my friend who’s getting married later this year. We were a little disappointed when we first hit the shops and realised that they all had their Autumn/Winter stock in now… but we ended up getting the second dresses we tried on! Yay 🙂

* I finally caught up-to-date on the Being Boss podcasts – so, so luv these lovely people!

* I’m onto my second week of 30 Days of Yoga. I totally stumbled across Adriene by accident on Youtube, and I am absolutely loving it! Roughly half an hour a day, and I can already feel the difference.

* Re-bought all my Easter eggs after the heat in my house ‘baked’ the ones I bought a couple of weeks ago :-/

* Was gifted some Frangipani off-cuts which I’ve temporarily planted until I get the keys to my new house (not long now!)

* Annnd it was my mum’s birthday this week too, so there was the obligatory family dinner catchup which is always crazy fun… this time made a little crazier by me being late because my car battery died, so dinner was late and the kids (and adults) were all getting a little hangry!

Online Inspo for the Week… 
Some of these I posted on Twitter this week, and there’s some extras 🙂

The Art of Non-Conformity – “What Have I Missed in My Life?” Notes on The Novels Mrs. Bridge and Mr. Bridge

The Nostalgia Machine

Collective Hub – Show Pony

Rock n Roll Bride – you Will be Judged (Or You Will Be Ignored)

Move Nourish Believe – From a Sketch to a Store

Adobe TV – Uli Staiger

Nubby Twiglet – Little Lessons #6: The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change. Embrace It.

Creative Bloq – Reasons we all see Colours Differently

Typotheque – How Good is Good by Stefan Sagmeister

Fast Co.Design – What’s The Difference Between A Font And A Typeface?

Happy Snaps of the Week…
Some snaps from Instagram, and some extras 🙂

Super gorgeous thank-you gift from the baby shower! Super tasty as well 🙂


With mornings getting darker and cooler, it’s been nice getting some candles burning while I hit the study books… this one was a Christmas gingerbready scented candle from Sophie and Spike – smelt so good!

Frangipani from the gifted off-cuts… The smell of these flowers just makes me think of Summer and holidays…

Art Deco fan pattern I created for the assignment I’m working on – a 20 slide presentation!

So that was my week! Pretty good when you’re looking at the highlights hey 🙂 Anyway, I’m off to enjoy this weekend – have a great week!

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