Study Notes: What is a Graphic Designer?

Seeing as this is a ‘Graphic Design Student Blog’ I thought I’d go back through some of my older study notes and assessments and post a few bits and pieces up in case it’s of any use to other students…

These notes here are some of my very first notes way back a couple of years ago when I was thinking, what exactly is this Graphic Design thing I’ve signed myself up for ??

My course study notes, referring to The Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA), said a graphic designer was:

“One who has the artistic sensibility, skill and experience and/or training professionally to create designs or images for reproduction by any means of visual communication, and who may be concerned with illustration; typography; calligraphy; surface design for packaging; or the design of patterns, books, advertising and publicity material, or any form of visual communication.”

First thing I thought was ‘wow, that’s one long sentence!’ agh. haha 😉

My study notes also had some other links to what a Graphic Designer is and what they do…

AGDA: “What is a Graphic Designer”

The Design Council: “What is Graphic Design”

Designeinstien: “What sort of Graphic Design interests you?”

It was actually kind of funny going back through my notes too because I’d written down thoughts and things that I’d had and at this time in my studying I was leaning towards wanting to work in the Identity Design or Package Design areas… possibly even Environmental Design… Now though, I have my sights set on fabric and textile design… although I don’t really have a huge idea of what exactly that involves lol :-/ More research to be done there!


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