Study Activity: History of Graphic Design – A Poster

This was an interesting study activity from earlier in the course… we had to “create a visual communication that represents the journey of graphic design from the 1890s to the present“. We could use any medium we liked, i.e., paints and pens, computer, collage, etc, but it just had to be A4 sized. I chose to put it together electronically because it was easier to find the pictures I wanted.

I focused on movie posters for my timeline because I thought that by choosing one topic it makes it a bit easier to see how graphic design has changed through the years…

The final image quality isn’t fantastic because like I said, this activity was pretty early on in my study and I’m pretty sure from memory I put it together in Powerpoint and saved the grouped images as a JPG through there – not the best way to get good quality as I now know. I remember it also taking me absolutely aaaaagggess to put together and it kind of makes me happy to know I could do it much faster and to a better quality if I was to do it again now – yay for learning progress! 🙂



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