Don’t be a Design Zombie

Part of what I’m finding interesting about this course is that all of the learning activities and assignments are really different and not strictly about how to physically draw or design something… Although I could give some of the report writing a miss lol πŸ˜’

For one of the earlier learning activities we had to find an article about something we thought would interest other students and people in the design community. We then had to explain why we found it interesting and how it has contributed to our learning of design.

I’d been watching a lot of James Victore’s YouTube videos at the time so I picked an interview by him: β€œDon’t Be a Design Zombie”.

I thought the article was interesting because of his thoughts on the practice of  being a good designer – get things done, make decisions, and be conscious of habits and people around you. I took away from it the importance of getting away from the computer screen, especially during the idea generation stage. There are way to many distractions on my computer (and the Internet!) that I’ll somehow find myself getting stuck into rather than any sort of creative thinking. As much as I luv my iMac, sometimes just a pencil and paper are the best tools 😊


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