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Amazing colours of a sunset a few weeks ago… when I had a phone that took photos :-/

Oh look, two Online Finds posts in a row… I promise this isn’t going to be a trend, but I felt the need to create a post today and due to ‘life’, this is about the extent of what I can put together.

I finally have the internet on at home – yay! Which is where I am right now, at 11am on a Tuesday, because I’m off work sick, again/still – definitely not yay! I’ve been taken down by a virus which makes sleeping/moving/breathing/life in general just a little difficult at the moment. Right now, I’m feeling a little better than last night, so fingers-crossed I shake this soon.

This last week though I did manage to order myself a new phone – super yay! It’s been really interesting/crap realising how much I relied on my phone as a camera, and also realising exactly how many photos I actually took. I’ve been feeling a little lost not being able to just take happy snaps whenever I felt like it, hopefully though it arrives soon and I’ll be right back at it 🙂

In other news, I’m about 85% settled into my new home. All my furniture and boxes have been sorted, there’s just pictures to put up, rugs to buy and fiddly little bits and pieces now to do, new door handles, light fittings, things like that… oh and the complete renovation of the kitchen – but I’m not tackling that for a fair few months yet!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy some of the links I have for you today 🙂


Design School – 50 Stunningly Beautiful Geometric Patterns in Graphic Design

OMGLORD – Australian Women in Design

A Pair and a Spare – Three Reasons Your Blog is More Important Than Ever (AKA Why You Shouldn’t Ditch the Blog)

Well Fed, Flat Broke – The Cheap Person’s Guide to the Farmers Market

Bondi Harvest – 23 Cooking Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Being Boss – A Day in the Life of a Creative Online Entrepreneur – I really like the ‘busy Saturday’ idea…

Collector’s Weekly – Is Our Retro Obsession Ruining Everything?

Nubby Twiglet – As Me Anything Q&A: Part 2

Creative Bloq – Why Designers Need to Step Outside Design

Thought Catalog – Can You Get Out Of The Comfort Zone?

YouTube – Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability

YouTube – James Victore – Conflict, Compromise and Kill Fees



Online Finds

ahh wifi symbol, how I am missing you right now… pic made with Patternator app 🙂

Hi all! I’m still running pretty quiet on all social media fronts as the renovations, unpacking and technological difficulties are all continuing… and there has been zero study happening… I’m actually not even 100% I know where my notes are for the current module – eek! Hopefully things will start to improve this week, the internet should be on in the next couple of days (thankfully – my phone data bill is going to be HUGE this month already, how did we live before the internet?!), and fingers-crossed I manage to buy myself a new phone next weekend… we will see… In the mean time, here are some links to interesting online finds for you to enjoy…
Calm Kind Creative – Don’t Be A Cover Band

Chris Guillebeau – How Goals Change Over Time, And What to Do About It

Collective Hub – Want to Get Ranged? Here’s 5 Things You Need to Know

ABC News – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork on show at Monaco Museum

Being Boss – Structured Flexibility // A Day in the Life of Kathleen Shannon

How Design – 6 Non-Design Skills You Need as a Designer

Samantha Wills Foundation – Amy Tahere: Founder + Interior Designer,, Mahana Design

A pair and a Spare – How to get out of a Creative Rut (for Bloggers and Creatives)

99u – How to Apply Lateral Thinking to Your Creative Work

Blah Blah Magazine – Jackie French on the Little Things

Format – Logo

Gretchen Rubin – Habit Change is Easiest When People Move House or Undergo Some Life Transition


Made with the Patternator app

It was my birthday yesterday – 32 years old – OMG, how did that happen?? I swear I was only 23 just yesterday 😁 The years definitely go quicker as you get older!

Other than that though I’m not too stressed about turning 32. It doesn’t feel any worse than being 31, or 29, or even 25. It’s just different. I have different interests, do different things, and different things make me happy. People grow and change all the time though and it has nothing to do with their actual age, it’s just life, your experiences, and what you make of it all. 32 is okay.

Side Note: I’m currently dealing with an iPhone that refuses to take photos, I’m in the middle of a house move and renovation, and I’ll have no home internet for at least another week, so posts here and on my other social media accounts are going to be a little quiet for a bit, but I’ll be back up and running just as soon as I get it all sorted 😊

Digital Technology Research

robot copy

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that last week I finally finished and submitted that report that was driving me crazy – yay! So now I’m on to the next module in my course… Digital Technology Research.

I’ve read through the Course Notes and completed the first assessment (an online quiz), so now I’m up to the second assignment which is, again, a theory based assignment. There’s no pretty pictures or interesting images to post about, but, there are a few notes to remember on the subject so I thought I’d share them here….

  • Research is super important before using/buying/trialling technology to avoid wasting time, money and energy.
  • Event before researching, you need to write down a list of what you need to do for your graphic design work so you know what to look for, i.e. the ability to draw shapes, or export a file in a specific format.
  • The Adobe Creative Suite is generally considered to be industry standards
  • The more a piece of technology allows you to edit and modify things, the more creative you can be.
  • Some of the limitations of technology are that it can be: expensive, time-consuming, high maintenance, take up a lot of desk area/storage space, and not easily available.
  • Always be exploring and looking at different ways to use technology to find ways to better and more efficiently (and effectively) do your work.
  • Challenge technologies and see exactly how far you can push them.
  • Don’t be afraid to combine technologies.
  • Listen to other people’s opinions on technology, but also find out for yourself. That person may have a bias towards a certain technology.
  • You must develop your own working style.
  • Set up your workstation so that is safe and ergonomic.
  • Get to know your technology (i.e. a software program) inside-out. Find out its limitations and capabilities.
  • Take breaks while you’re working.
  • Subscribe to e-newsletters to stay up to date with new technologies in the design industry.
  • Always preview something before you print to check for spelling and grammar errors, etc.
  • Use external hard drives/USB drives instead of CDs and DVDs wherever possible.
  • Collaborate digitally as much as possible.
  • Always keep your files backed up (side note: I use Apple’s Time Machine – it is sooo easy!)

Fingers-crossed the next unit is a little more creative!