Learning Illustrator Warp Tools


You may have seen me mention one or two or, *ahem*, a hundred times how I seem to struggle a bit with getting the vision of the projects in my head to be replicated on the computer screen… The only way I’m going get better at creating the designs I envision is to get more practice at using the software. I know this, I just have to do it… So while I’m still moving along with my course study, I’m going to try and do more ‘self-directed’ study as well – focusing on my computer skills -I’m looking at you Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop!

I do tend to use Illustrator more than Photoshop, so I thought I’d have a look at that first and I honestly there are so many tutorials out there to choose from that alone almost drove me a little crazy, but I finally settled on this one: Β Smashing Magazine Examples And Tips For Using Illustrator’s Warp Tools.

It was really great and easy to follow, and I managed to create the ‘beautiful’ image you see at the top of this post, lol πŸ™‚ I could have played around with the tutorial for hours, and I think this plan of doing more self-directed study is definitely a good idea.

Do any of you have suggestions for other good Adobe Illustrator tutorials?


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