Pop Art Cactuses

Pop Art Cactuses

Pop Art Cactuses!

How funny, After last week saying I wanted to do more online tutorials to improve my skills in the Adobe Creative Suite, this week as part of the assignment I’m working on, I have to complete a couple of tutorials – win win 🙂

I went through the first tutorial last night and omg, what a frustrating experience! The final image worked out in the end – my very pretty Pop Art Cactuses – but it was a battle!

The tutorial I followed was ‘Make Pop Art’ and it was from the Adobe site, but even following their instructions my computer just didn’t do what it was supposed to!

My Blob Brush wouldn’t stay the colour I selected and kept turning back to black as soon as I started using it… I’ve had this problem before, usually when using Live Paint, but not when I’m using the paint brush… I eventually worked around this by colouring a small area with the black, using the selecting tool to select the painted section, and then changing the colour… the Blob Brush then stayed the colour I wanted… Weirdly though it showed that the ‘fill’ was empty, and it was the line colour I was painting with. No matter what I clicked on, it wouldn’t stay in the fill colour…

Next up, no matter what I clicked on or what keyboard shortcuts I used, the brush kept reverting back to 1pt. Again super frustrating and this meant it took quite a while to paint over my image.

Pink Cactus

Painting a cactus with a 1pt brush…

The tutorial was a little inconsistent in the level of direction it gave with some vague directions, and then really super step-by-step directions. There was also a pretty random step about the Adobe Capture app, but overall I think it was a pretty good tutorial and now I know how to make some simple Pop Art graphics 🙂

Pop Art Cactus

Pop Art Cactus 🙂

I’m not 100% happy with the colours in my final image (at the top of this post) – they could be more ‘Pop Arty’, but the tutorial had taken almost an hour and a half because of my computer issues (I think usually it should take about half an hour max) and it was waaaay past my bed time haha 🙂 I could have been there till midnight playing around with it, but I had to remind myself this was an exercise in learning computer skills and not a design project, so it was all ok lol

If anyone at all has any ideas what I might have been doing wrong, or why my computer seems set on making my life difficult, it would be really great to hear!


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