Shape Making with Adobe Capture

I mentioned in my post about the Pop Art Cactuses that there was this random step in the tutorial about using the Adobe Capture app to create a shape. I had a little look at it at the time, but didn’t really do much with it because it didn’t seem to fit in with the tutorial and the instructions on using it weren’t very clear.

Since then I’ve been playing around with the app a bit and I think I’ve figured it out…

  • In the Adobe Capture app, tap ‘Shapes’ and ‘+’ to create a new shape.
  • Find something you want to make a shape out of… I found things with a higher contrast worked best.

Drink Bottle

  • The green lines around the object are the lines that will make up your shape.

Drink Bottle Simple Green Lines

  • You can get more detail in your shape by using the slider under the camera window.

Drink Bottle Detailed Green Lines

  • Next you can remove lines and things that don’t need to be part of your shape.

Remove Lines from Drink Bottle

  • The app will smooth the lines and will show you what your shape will look like.

Smooth Lines Drink Bottle

  • Save it to your library.

Save Drink Bottle

Pretty simple.

So far I don’t really have a need to make shapes, but it’s kinda fun 🙂


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