I’m not quite sure what’s happened, but Snapchat seems to be the latest social media ‘thing’. It’s been around for awhile so I don’t know why it’s so popular right now… but anyway, it is, and I’m okay with that lol 🙂

One thing that really annoys me about Snapchat though is trying to find people to follow! If you don’t have a persons exact username, good luck finding them! Kinda frustrating! So, I thought today I’d share some of the people I follow and include their usernames in case you’re looking for some more interesting people to follow…

Adriene Mishler – @yogawithadriene

Anna Polyviou – @anna_polyviou

Blushing Confetti – @blushingsnaps

Evelyn Henson – @evelyn_henson

Gala Darling – @gala-darling

Joy the Baker – @joythebaker

Kat Williams – @kat_rocknroll

Kerrie Hess – @kh629

Lisa Messenger – @lisamessenger

Lola Berry – @yummololaberry

Lorna Jane Clarkson – @ljclarkson

Nicole Richie – @itsnikkifresh

Spell Designs – @spell_byronbay

The Style Co – @thestyleco_au

Zoë Foster Blake – @zingus


And you can also follow me (@caseymaree84) for lots of sunrises, foodie posts, and the occasional design related snap 🙂

Who else do you think I should add to my Snapchat follow list?


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