The Design Brief

My desk

Where I study… apparently I’m a fan of pink and bright colours… who knew, lol

Something I’ve noticed in this course is that there is a fair bit of repetition on the theory side. Right now I’m working through some theory on design briefs… but I know we’ve done work on these before too. The theory isn’t exactly the same though and it seems to go into different detail each time. I wonder if this is intentional? Is the plan maybe for us to learn more by repetition? Maybe… I don’t know…

Anyway, here are a few notes on design briefs from my study this time around…

  • The design brief outlines the project.
  • It usually covers these areas:
    • Project Overview
      • Information about the client
      • Competitors
      • Target market
      • Market strategy
      • Details of the project
      • Goals of the project
    • Communication Objectives
      • Goal of the graphic design piece
      • What is the message that needs to be communicated?
      • What is the ‘call to action’ that the audience needs to receive?
    • Project and Technical Specifications
      • Budget
      • Costs
      • Timeframes
      • Output format (paper, billboard, web, installation…)
      • Materials
      • Distribution
    • Content and Style Guidelines
      • Logo
      • Fonts
      • Colours
      • Current brand identity

Hopefully on to more practical ‘design-y’ things soon 🙂


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