Typography – Study Notes


What are you up to on this sunny Saturday? It looks like a really nice day outside – freezing, but nice. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to get outside later on today, but for now it is study time!

This morning was all about typography…

  • Mid 15th Century – Johannes Gutenberg – moveable type.
  • “Graphic design is about communication… text is vitally important in the communication process…” (p116)
  • Type/Typeface – “…particular design of the letter forms of a character set.” (p116)
  • Font – “…character set of a typeface at a particular point size.” (p116)
  • “These days ‘font’ is often also used to mean ‘typeface’.” (p116)
  • Type weight – “The weight of a typeface refers to how light or dark (how heavy) each member of the family is.” (p126)
  • Typeface family – “…(also known as a font family) is made up of a number of variants of the typeface.” (p126)
  • Character set – “..all the members of a typeface… includes upper and lower case letters, numerals… punctuation…” (p126)
  • Point size – “…the measure of the size of type.” (p127)
  • Baseline – “…an invisible line on which all the letters in a line of type sit.” (p127)
  • Leading – “…the space between lines of text.” (p127)
  • Kerning – “…a method used to add space between letters to give a visually equal space between them.” (p127)
  • Gutter – “…the space between columns of text or images.” (p127)
  • Margin – “…the space with no text around an image, a column of text or the edge of a page.” (p127)
  • Serif face – “…a typeface with serifs, which are small extensions to the sides of the letterforms.” (p128)
  • Sans serif face – “…a typeface without serifs.” (p128)


And now, back to the books… πŸ™‚




Barnum, A., Haddock, S., Hicks, S. and Oppen, F. (2012)Β Graphic Design: Australian Style Guide. Sydney: McGraw-Hill Publishers Australia


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