Texture in Photography

An example of texture in my own photography…

In a Learning Activity I had to do a little while ago I had to choose one design element and discuss how it could be used to engage an audience and create meaning… and give two examples.

In the readings leading up to the activity I came across Ted Forbes and started following him on Pinterest… and discovered the photography of Ansel Adams!

After checking out his work, I picked texture as my design element…

Texture as a design element is often used to engage a viewer through dramatic effect. In a medium such as photography where a 3D scene or environment is turned into a 2D image, clever use of texture allows the viewer to imagine the 3D scene.

Two examples of great uses of texture are two photos centered on sand, by Ansel Adams. In “Surf Sequence #2” the texture of the sand stands out and allows the viewer to sense the graininess of it, whereas in “Sand Dunes, Oceano, California”, Adams is conveying the texture of the ripples – peaks and valleys – of the sand on the dunes. Adams uses sharp focus and high contrast to help convey the textures within his images.


Breaking the Radio Silence

Sunrises, new beginnings and all that jazz 😆

Hi all 😊 How’ve you been? Don’t you hate it when blogs suddenly stop posting and all you hear is radio silence? Hmmm…. Lol😊 anyway I haven’t forgotten about blogging, there’s just been a lot going on lately and I didn’t want to post another ‘Online Finds’ just for the sake of posting.

One of the biggest things that’s happened in the last couple of weeks is I finally have a diagnosis for all of my sickness – I have an auto immune disease – an inflammatory bowel disease – Ulcerative Colitis to be exact… super awesome too-much-information perhaps, ah well. I’m going to have to deal with it all my life and just learn how to minimise flare-ups. Because of this particularly rough patch the doctor has me on medication for the next few months, but hopefully after that I show some improvement. I’m also working with a naturopath to see what things in particular are causing inflammation for me. So far she has me on a whole bunch of supplements and has taken me off gluten, dairy, processed sugar, onions, garlic and oranges… It’s a bit of a diet change for sure! Generally though I need to start looking after myself better – minimise stress, get more sleep, and things like that. I’m so relieved to have some answers and a bit of a plan.
Through all of this too I’ve been thinking about what this blog is for, what do I want out of it? It started as an assignment for my graphic design course, then when I decided to continue with it, it evolved to cover other design related things. Now though I feel like a lot of my work-in-progress gest posted on Instagram (@alwayswantedinsta) and Snapchat (@caseymaree84) and there’s a whole heap of other things I want to write about like travel and food… Also with my study wrapping up at the end of this year I’ll want to write about what I do next. So ‘Always Wanted’ is going to go through some more evolving to include a little more of what interests me… I hope you enjoy 😊

Online Finds


Don’t forget to look up – So many great cloud patterns lately 🙂

Another day, another sick day :-/ Ahh, so last week’s doctors appointment has me seeing another specialist tomorrow – hopefully then I’ll have some answers. I’m still slowly working my way through my course, but as you can imagine it can be pretty difficult to concentrate when you’re not feeling very well, so today I have another collection of online finds for you… luckily I have a whole stash of these to share 🙂

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How Rough should Rough Sketches be?

Rough sketches for my current assignment

You know I think my rough sketches for designs are getting messier 😐 I used to spend ages on each one making sure it was perfect, but now I’m more concerned with getting the main ideas down on the paper and I usually write some notes to go along with each to describe the detail… This way is much quicker for me because I can get a lot more ideas down on paper before they drift out of my head, and are lost forever. At the same time though it makes it difficult to get feedback on the ideas because people can’t always tell what exactly I’m trying to convey… I’m going to have to work on some way of sketching between my two styles I think. I guess that is part of what this whole studying thing is for – learning what works and what doesn’t.

As a side note, I’m working on a pretty fun assignment at the moment – designing book release posters for legends, myths and fables from around the world. I’m having fun researching the stories and getting to do some drawing again. Will post more on it a bit later 😊