How Rough should Rough Sketches be?

Rough sketches for my current assignment

You know I think my rough sketches for designs are getting messier 😐 I used to spend ages on each one making sure it was perfect, but now I’m more concerned with getting the main ideas down on the paper and I usually write some notes to go along with each to describe the detail… This way is much quicker for me because I can get a lot more ideas down on paper before they drift out of my head, and are lost forever. At the same time though it makes it difficult to get feedback on the ideas because people can’t always tell what exactly I’m trying to convey… I’m going to have to work on some way of sketching between my two styles I think. I guess that is part of what this whole studying thing is for – learning what works and what doesn’t.

As a side note, I’m working on a pretty fun assignment at the moment – designing book release posters for legends, myths and fables from around the world. I’m having fun researching the stories and getting to do some drawing again. Will post more on it a bit later 😊


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