Breaking the Radio Silence

Sunrises, new beginnings and all that jazz 😆

Hi all 😊 How’ve you been? Don’t you hate it when blogs suddenly stop posting and all you hear is radio silence? Hmmm…. Lol😊 anyway I haven’t forgotten about blogging, there’s just been a lot going on lately and I didn’t want to post another ‘Online Finds’ just for the sake of posting.

One of the biggest things that’s happened in the last couple of weeks is I finally have a diagnosis for all of my sickness – I have an auto immune disease – an inflammatory bowel disease – Ulcerative Colitis to be exact… super awesome too-much-information perhaps, ah well. I’m going to have to deal with it all my life and just learn how to minimise flare-ups. Because of this particularly rough patch the doctor has me on medication for the next few months, but hopefully after that I show some improvement. I’m also working with a naturopath to see what things in particular are causing inflammation for me. So far she has me on a whole bunch of supplements and has taken me off gluten, dairy, processed sugar, onions, garlic and oranges… It’s a bit of a diet change for sure! Generally though I need to start looking after myself better – minimise stress, get more sleep, and things like that. I’m so relieved to have some answers and a bit of a plan.
Through all of this too I’ve been thinking about what this blog is for, what do I want out of it? It started as an assignment for my graphic design course, then when I decided to continue with it, it evolved to cover other design related things. Now though I feel like a lot of my work-in-progress gest posted on Instagram (@alwayswantedinsta) and Snapchat (@caseymaree84) and there’s a whole heap of other things I want to write about like travel and food… Also with my study wrapping up at the end of this year I’ll want to write about what I do next. So ‘Always Wanted’ is going to go through some more evolving to include a little more of what interests me… I hope you enjoy 😊


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