Texture in Photography

An example of texture in my own photography…

In a Learning Activity I had to do a little while ago I had to choose one design element and discuss how it could be used to engage an audience and create meaning… and give two examples.

In the readings leading up to the activity I came across Ted Forbes and started following him on Pinterest… and discovered the photography of Ansel Adams!

After checking out his work, I picked texture as my design element…

Texture as a design element is often used to engage a viewer through dramatic effect. In a medium such as photography where a 3D scene or environment is turned into a 2D image, clever use of texture allows the viewer to imagine the 3D scene.

Two examples of great uses of texture are two photos centered on sand, by Ansel Adams. In “Surf Sequence #2” the texture of the sand stands out and allows the viewer to sense the graininess of it, whereas in “Sand Dunes, Oceano, California”, Adams is conveying the texture of the ripples – peaks and valleys – of the sand on the dunes. Adams uses sharp focus and high contrast to help convey the textures within his images.



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