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Pic from last years October long weekend… Fingers-crossed this one is just as relaxing 🙂

Hi All, How’s things? I’m not too bad at the moment. Yesterday was a pretty good day health-wise and so far today is going well too, so minimal complaints from me 🙂

As we eagerly anticipate this coming long weekend, I thought I’d share a few online finds I’ve come across lately to keep your mind off the count-down till Friday afternoon lol 🙂

The Art of Non-Conformity – “3 Encounters That Changed My Life”: How a Corporate Employee Gained a New Perspective through Travel

Digital Photo Secrets – Visual Design: Enhancing Your Photography With Patterns

The New York Times – Old Masters at the Top of Their Game

Smashing Magazine – When A Thousand Words Is Worth A Picture

Creative Women’s Circle – Visual Merchandising for Markets

Sarah Lynn Design – Beginner’s Guide to Website Design: Giving Feedback

Flying Solo – Excuse Buster: Dealing with the Word ‘How’

Embracing the Divine Sensual: The Body Sacred – Starting a New Art Form? A Letter to the Beginner Dancer

New Jersey Graphic Design – So You Want to be a Graphic Designer

Rock n Roll Bride – How to be an Artist

The Wonder Forest – 5 Ways to Make Money as an Artist

Bustle – What I Instagrammed Vs. What Was Really Happening, Or My Entire Life Is A Lie


“Money & Mindfulness” by Lisa Messenger

Money & Mindfulness – Lisa Messenger

Collective magazine is by far my favourite magazine, and I’ll listen to just about anything Lisa Messenger has to say… but I have to admit, “Money & Mindfulness” wasn’t even on my ‘Books to Read’ list. I’m okay with finances and I can balance income and expenditure, but finances and money in general aren’t topics that thrill me.
Coming closer to the end of my course and wanting a little more insight on how to manage what to do next made me download “Money & Mindfulness” though, and things changed from there… This is a great book! It’s not all about facts and figures and the mathematics of finances, but things like why we earn money, what drives us, how much do we think we need, the feelings we have towards it, generosity and what risks we’re willing to take. So many insightful things!

One of the highlights for me was reading what Lisa had to say about how wanting to make money for the sake of having it and thinking that money alone will make you happy won’t work. You need to see money as a means to an end. A way to change the world and enable you to live the life you dream of. I totally agree with this. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure does allow you some freedom to make choices.

To do this though, you need to know the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of why you want to make money, just saying to have freedom and be able to make your own choices isn’t enough. You need to know what this looks like for you, for example, as I understood Lisa’s words, for me freedom is being able to work from anywhere in the world at any time of day – having the flexibility to fit ‘work’ in and around the things that make me happy… If work includes that, then bonus! Lisa goes on to explain the need to know the exact income you desire, a timeline to get to your end goal and what you will do to earn this money… these are things I’m still working on.

Another important part of money that Lisa delves into is what to charge for your products or services. This includes not only the final dollar amount that goes to the customer, but also how much your time, health and wellbeing is worth. The line “Would you burn a $5 note” (p128*) really got me thinking about how much my time is worth. This part of the book makes “Money & Mindfulness” worthwhile alone if all you’re interested in is pricing.

Knowing who to have around you is another thing business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs need to know. Lisa talks a lot about the main business supports, the need to hire to you weaknesses and finding people who either share your dream and vision, or are willing to support it. Also what sort of set-up and costs starting a business might involve, as well as insurances.

One last take-away for me from “Money & Mindfulness” is that I need to stop waiting until everything is perfect (in my mind!) to start… that’s what Etsy and eBay are for J

“If you had all the money you ever needed, what would you be doing with your life right now?” – Lisa Messenger (Money & Mindfulness, p249)

Time to get some plans into action!

*Side note… I read this book on my iPhone through iBook’s, so I have no idea how my page numbers line up with other people’s iBook settings, or the actual physical book…

A Day to Relax


Some snaps from my Design Inspo. Scrapbooks

Ahhhh… Today was the first time… uh, I can’t even remember, where I stayed in my PJs till lunchtime.

After a stressful few weeks including throwing one of my closest friends a kitchen tea yesterday, I was pretty exhausted, so I decided to give myself the ‘day off’ today.

I slept in, had a looooong breakie with a cup of tea and Collective mag, did a bit of cooking, and then worked on my design insp. scrapbooks while catching up on my YouTube Watch Later list… It was just what I needed 🙂

Here are some of my fave’s from my YouTube session today…

Hope you’ve all had a relaxing weekend!

How to be an Explorer of the World

One of the books we are using for a text book this study session is Keri Smith‘s “How to be an Explorer of the World“.

I was a little confused initially why we were using this, my study brain left over from my uni days says study is serious business – this book looks too fun – ha! But working through it there are lots of ‘exploration’ activities and other bits and pieces to get your creative mind working.

One of the opening pages lists a whole heap of different ways to be an ‘Explorer of the World’, here are some of my favourites…

  • Always be looking.
  • Notice the ground beneath your feet.
  • Everything is interesting. Look closer.
  • Notice the stories going on around you.
  • Notice patterns.
  • Make connections.
  • Observe movement.
  • Trace things back to their origins.
  • Use all of your senses.
I’ll post my findings from some of the activities as I work my way through them 🙂

Online Finds


Sunrise from where I live now… pretty darn nice hey 🙂

Hi All, how are you going? Is it strange that I often start my posts like that? I think it is a little, but it also feels a little strange just jumping straight into talking… who knows whats right nowadays… annnnyway… I’ve been okay, having okay days and not so okay days with the auto-immune/IBD… yesterday wasn’t great and today is a not so good a day either, but it’s better than others… one positive is that I had planned an annual leave day today to work on some assignments so I knew I didn’t have to go in to work today, or work from home – much less stressful, and I’ve still been able to knock off a bit of study work. It’s all just a bit of a lets-see-how-it-goes at the moment…

I thought for today I’d do another round up of what I’ve been reading and checking out online lately…

J6 Design – The Principles of Design

Braid Creative – How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

Collective Hub – In The Kitchen With Flour and Stone’s Nadine Ingram

Design School – Graphic Design for Print vs The Web: 15 Vital Differences You Need To Know About

Creative Bloq – Top tips for selling your designs online

Penelope Trunk – The entrepreneurship craze is over. Now what?

Creative Market – The Designer’s Guide to Gestalt Psychology

The Art of Non-Conformity – The Snake in the Road

Unearthed Beauty – Self-Care for Self-Worth

Design Mom – Call It A Day: Kirsten Jackson

Creative Womens Circle – How to quit your day job

Fast Co. Design – How To Find Your Design Superpower

Oil Painting Galah Feathers

The final product 🙂

I know I posted about this on Instagram a few days again but I wanted to write about it here too in a bit more detail – just as much for me to remember my process as it is for sharing lol 🙂
First up, using the AdobeCapture app on my iPhone, I used the ‘Shapes’ function to take a photo of a feather and turn it into a shape.

Next up I did a Google search for images of galah’s and again, using the AdobeCapture app, I used the ‘Colors’ function to capture the colours of the galah.

I then opened Photoshop on my computer and dragged the feather shape onto the canvas from my library.

From here I rasterised the sharp and, using the colour scheme I captured in AdobeCapture that was now appearing in my library, I used LivePaint to colour the image.

Originally I was thinking about going for a watercolour look, but while I was in the filters I saw Oil Paint and thought it would work better for my final project.

Finally, I played around with the Oil Paint filter sliders a little until I got the look I was after.

I’m pretty happy with how the feather turned out – even if I do have a lot still to learn on the technology side! 🙂