Oil Painting Galah Feathers

The final product 🙂

I know I posted about this on Instagram a few days again but I wanted to write about it here too in a bit more detail – just as much for me to remember my process as it is for sharing lol 🙂
First up, using the AdobeCapture app on my iPhone, I used the ‘Shapes’ function to take a photo of a feather and turn it into a shape.

Next up I did a Google search for images of galah’s and again, using the AdobeCapture app, I used the ‘Colors’ function to capture the colours of the galah.

I then opened Photoshop on my computer and dragged the feather shape onto the canvas from my library.

From here I rasterised the sharp and, using the colour scheme I captured in AdobeCapture that was now appearing in my library, I used LivePaint to colour the image.

Originally I was thinking about going for a watercolour look, but while I was in the filters I saw Oil Paint and thought it would work better for my final project.

Finally, I played around with the Oil Paint filter sliders a little until I got the look I was after.

I’m pretty happy with how the feather turned out – even if I do have a lot still to learn on the technology side! 🙂


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