An Honest Post on Where I’m at…


Not where I’m at… but where I would mind being 🙂

I almost quit last week. My course, this blog, trying so hard with my new ‘healthy’ way of living, and a few other things too. I’d had enough, I was tired, I didn’t want any more expectations on me. I just wanted to be left alone to maybe sleep for a week or so. I was thiiiiiis close to just giving up.

But then I saw a life coach… Now before you go rolling your eyes, yes yes, I’ve been pretty sceptical about them in the past, but someone close to me was seeing this particular coach and was finding it beneficial, and I was at a point where something needed to change I’d try just about anything. So I went along for my first catch-up and, what can I say, I haven’t quit any of the things I was on the verge of giving up. I have a new game plan and I’m working on a new way of looking at things.

The life coach asked questions and listened to me and helped me narrow down a few key actions I could take right now to make some changes that would help me out. They weren’t huge or complicated and I’ve started working through them and seeing changes already. The biggest one was putting my early morning study sessions back in my calendar. I was at a real blockage in my course, not making a lot of progress and panicking that I have to finish it this year, but the life coach turned me on to a method that Elizabeth Gilbert talks about where you don’t wait for the inspiration to do the work, you do the work and the inspiration will come. So, now, six days a week, I committed to sitting down and studying for 1 hr (I chose in the morning because that’s when my head is the most clear and can focus). Sometimes this’ll be a chore and I’ll struggle through the hour, but other times, it’ll fly by and I’ll want to stay at my desk for even longer. Either way, I’m at least now making progress. This alone has made me feel a bit better.

Sounds simple hey, and it is definitely something I could have done on my own, the same as the other actions on my new list. But I think what I got out of the life coach session the most was the validation from a complete stranger that what I’ve got going on in my life right now is a lot and no, not everyone could just ‘handle’ it all, and I shouldn’t be frustrated or disappointed that I can’t do everything. She helped me see this and narrow things down to what absolute priorities are at the moment. This is something that was difficult to see on my own, and also difficult to talk through with friends and family. The non-biased thoughts of a stranger can be quite helpful.

So, I’m not quitting this blog because I really like writing and sharing what I’m up to, but I wouldn’t be expecting multiple updates each week for awhile, and there may be weeks when I don’t post at all. I won’t have forgotten about the blog, but I’ll just have other priorities that week… and that is okay.