Always Learning – Copyright for Designers

A week or so without any assignments and I’m still trying to get used to it, lol 🙂 At the same time, my head is swimming with about a thousand ideas on what I should do next – what do I want to do with my new skills? Where do I want them to take me? So many ideas! I definitely think I’m going to create some sort of business in the design/art area, but I’m not sure exactly what though… still some sorting out to do there.

One thing that did come to mind while I’ve been thinking about all of this, was an assignment I did last year around Copyright. Copyright should be a really straight-forward thing, i.e. don’t copy other people’s stuff, but sometimes things aren’t quite so simple.

This assignment was the first time I used InDesign, so it was ah, interesting… I can’t say I’m a huge fan of that program now though either… Anyway, for the assignment we had to write a one-page magazine article on ‘Copyright for Designers’. For the presentation of the article we had to find an article in a design magazine and duplicate their grid layout.

I chose an article from No Cure – one of my favourite art/design magazines 🙂

Thankfully I worked out how to set up the grid without too much hassle. We had to include photos too – I used my own photos of my own drawings – easy way to avoid copyright issues 🙂

Anyway, here is my article:

Art Deco

Part of why I’m really enjoying this Graphic Design course is the research we have to do into other designers, art history, society, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I like that it isn’t all about how to use Photoshop, and the Principles of Design.

You might have seen me post on Instagram the Art Deco assignment I was working on a little earlier this year – it was the wine advertisement.

Anyway, there was a lot more to the assignment then just creating the advertisement and I thought I’d share a little bit of it…

These were some of my notes on Art Deco:

  • Design style from the 1920’s and 30’s.
  • Created in response to enormous world changes and growth.
  • ‘Art Deco’ is the term that was coined in the 1960’s to refer to the style of the period between the two major World Wars. The name is in reference to the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, which was a design exhibition held in Paris in 1925.
  • Came into being when wealth was increasing and a generation was coming of age that had vastly different priorities than the generations before them.
  • Celebration of life and a desire for luxury, glamour and the exotic (McDowall n.d.).
  • Times of revolution in science, technology, politics and society (i.e. the emancipation of women).
  • Influences of different art styles – Cubism, Neoclassical, Modernism and Art Nouveau (Art Deco 2015)
  • Influenced by lots of different cultures – African, Asian, Egyptian and historical cultures, (classical Roman and Greek, Mayan and Aztec). (Meggs 1983).
  • Egyptian symbols – lotus flowers, pylons and pyramids – following the discovery of Tutankhaman’s tomb in 1922 (Victoria and Albert Museum n.d. Art Deco: Global Inspiration).
  • Characteristics: chevron patterns, stripes, sunbursts, zigzags, circles, curves and rich colours.
  • Modernisation and advancements in technologies contributed the use of metals
  • One of the first mass-produced styles to spread world wide, (Northwest College Graphic Design n.d.)
  • Influenced everything from book bindings, jewellery, architecture, furniture, interiors, fashion, painting, ceramics, to photography, typography and graphics.
  • Onset of World War II saw the style disappear from favour, became seen as inappropriate.
  • Left to represent the specific period of time when being modern was a priority, the economy was rising and the future was optimistic (McDowall n.d.).

And the references, all good sources that you should check out if you have interest in design or Art Deco:

We also had to look at how the style was an influence on design trends historically, and now. This is what I came up with…



I hadn’t really known a lot about Art Deco before, especially that it might still have an influence today, so all up it was a pretty interesting assignment.

Happy (Almost) Easter

Well look at that, not a week in and I’m already kind-of breaking my new blogging rule – it’s only Thursday morning and here’s a new post. Ah, so what. Life’s messy and unpredictable – two things I’m learning (trying) to accept nowadays. So it is what it is.

So how’s your week been? As usual I’ll describe mine as pretty busy…

  • Went to a lovely friends wedding on the weekend. She’d put a lot of work into it to make it just right for them and it really showed.
  • I experienced my first migraine – oh yippee…. It was horrendous! Any advice on dealing with them would be so so appreciated!
  • Braved the cold, wind and rain at the Red Hot Summer Tour.
  • Finished learning the Bollywood choreography in dance class. It’s pretty challenging!
  • Watched Ted 2 (and used itunes rentals) for the first time. It was funnier than I expected.

Annnnndddd during all this time I also managed to submit another assignment – yay 🙂 This course is definitely more work than I thought it would be. I’m enjoying it, but it can be difficult to fit it all in sometimes… I’m starting to forget what a good night’s sleep is like, lol :-/

Anyway, the assignment was to create an advertisement and presentation for a magazine in the style of the art style we researched for our last assignment. Mine was on Art Deco so that’s what my ad had to look like.

The presentation had to address a whole heap of things like aspects of the styles form and function; examples of the trend then and now; product marketing and production considerations; IP considerations; and connections and associations between history, theory and contemporary practice. All interesting to research and read about, but I get a little annoyed having to answer questions about it all… I know, I know it is an important part of the learning too.

So this is where I would post a picture of my finished ad… except I’m writing this on my phone via Safari seeing as Blogger no longer has an app, and it won’t let you you upload photos when you’re using your phone – frustrating! If anyone knows why the Blogger app got removed, I’d luv to know!

UPDATE: For now, here’s a link to it on Instagram:

Anyway, from my own observations I can recognise that it needs more work, i.e. the colours don’t seem quite right, but I’m not 100% sure how to ‘fix’ it. I guess that’s all part of the learning and experience process. I am pretty happy that I managed to create a wine bottle though! And I like my art deco pattern 🙂

Well, it’s time for me to go… Have a great Easter!